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Your delivered packages to you with La Poste

The products concerned:

Small products. Books and wine are being a shipping and billing in part areas of delivery:

Metropolitan France.


Delivery in 2 days, once the package prepared by Jetcoif-shopping.

The stages of delivery:

(1) select and select GLS to the time to validate your command. 2) for orders of less than € 1000, La Poste delivers to your home without a signature, in your mailbox if the parcel goes, failing by hand if you are present. 
For orders above € 1000, the discount is only into their own hands, and against signature. 
((3) If delivery could not be carried out, you will find, if access permits, a notice in your mailbox, inviting you to go by post office to remove your package. 4) Attention, without withdrawal in the post within a period of two weeks, the parcel will be returned to Jetcoif - shopping 5) find tracking your package on www.ColiPoste.NET or from your client area!

Rates incl. VAT:


GLS FRANCE (without signature)


Postage by weight with proof of deposit, delivery without signature, followed, commitment on time within 2 days working (1). Compensation integrated in the event of loss or damage from €23 / kg (including postage).



Unique to 5.90 shipping for orders less than €55 (in metropolitan france by colissimo without signature & So Colissimo)


From €56 the shipping costs are available

Jet coif shopping in metropolitan france

Tare of packaging included


Recommended Colissimo FRANCE


Postage to weight with proof of deposit, delivery against signature, monitoring, commitment on time within 2 days working (1). Lump sum compensation integrated in the event of loss or damage rate recommendation chosen or compensation guidelines

Fixed coverage level

-R1 €31

-R2 €153

-R3 €458

Tariff incl. VAT

-R1 €3.22

-R2 €3.94

-R3 €5.02


1 kg: €9.20

2 kg: €10.00

3 kg: €10.90

5 kg: €12.70

6 kg: €13.60

7 kg: €14.50

8 kg: €15.40

9 kg: €16.30

10 kg: €17.20

15 kg: €19.50

30 kg: €26.20

Tare of packaging included



You now have the possibility, when shopping on the Internet, choose from 5 different delivery modes with So Colissimo.

Practical map So Colissimo delivery solution meets all of your needs.

Home delivery

If you choose the shipping method "My home." When ordering online, you receive an e-mail telling you the day of the delivery of your parcel. Then, 24 hours before your delivery, email and a confirmation of your parcels sent by sms are sent to you. You are then delivered to your home between 8: 00 and 13: 00.

Home delivery by appointment between 17 h and 21 h 30

If you choose the shipping method "My appointment. When ordering online, you will receive an email and a text message offering you the choice of delivery slots. You can select, from Monday to Friday: from 17:00 to 18:30, from 18:30 to 20:00 or 20:00 to 21:30 and this over a period of 10 working days.

This service is offered exclusively on Paris intramuros.

Delivery in Cityssimo

If you choose the shipping method "My space Cityssimo. When ordering online, you then specify the Cityssimo space where you want to be delivered your order. You will receive an sms with your parcel withdrawal codes. You get your parcel within 10 working days, by entering codes in the robot of your Cityssimo space. After this period, if you have not retrieved your parcel, it is returned to the sender.

The spaces Cityssimo are withdrawal sites automatic accessible parcel 7 d/7 and 24/24 (except Cityssimo spaces subject to hours of shopping malls).

31 spaces Cityssimo are present on:

   Paris and the île-de-France



   Aix en Provence


For the address of the nearest Cityssimo you, Click here


Delivery in the post office of your choice

If you choose the shipping method "My post office. When ordering online, you specify the office or you want to be delivered. You will receive an email and an sms as soon as your package is available. You print your right of withdrawal and keep your sms. You will withdraw your parcel within ten working days in the office chosen with proof of identity. After this period, your package is returned to the sender.To find the post office nearest you, Click here

Delivery to the merchant of your choice

If you choose the shipping method "My dealer. When ordering online, a list of merchants near your home, your workplace or your holiday, with which you want deliver, is proposed to you. Our network of merchants partners relies on a number of traders from proximity to hours expanded and used to offer multiple services to individuals.

You will receive an sms and email as soon as your package is available. You print your right of withdrawal and back up your sms. You remove your parcel at your retailer with proof of identity within 10 working days. After this period, your package is returned to the sender.



1 kg €8.20

2 kg €9.00

3 kg €9.90

4 kg €10.80

5 kg €11.60

6 kg €12.50

7 kg €13.40

8 kg €14.30

9 kg €15.20

10 kg €16.10

15 kg €18.40

30 kg €25.10




Supplementdisponibles on deliveries with signature (signature home, home by appointment outside the home):

Optional insurance

An ad valorem up to €1500 covering loss of or damage to the shipment insurance. Price: €0.90 HT per indivisible €150.

Recommendation: Three levels of assuranceforfaitaire.


Level of lump-sum insurance R1 R2 R3

€31 153 to €458


Rates Excl. VAT €2.70 to €3.30 4.20


Tariff supplement of €6 per non machineable package

Delivery outside the home is available for packages up to 20 kg.

* All parcels bulky, non-steady or abnormality of packaging for which the post should provide a manual processing.




The mode of transport and its cost varies according to the weight of the order and the remoteness of the country of destination.


Transportation charges to the customer's order shall be communicated during the ordering process.

Our products are generally available. If an article were to be unavailable at the time of ordering you would be immediately notified by email.


Delivery & time:


The products are delivered to the delivery address that you indicated during the ordering process.

You can change your address of delivery at any time in your customer account.


On the other hand, in relation to the loss of a package, we are unfortunately not responsible of the facts in the post and we will not be able to proceed with a new expedition after the establishment by the position of the official loss, i.e. after 21 days. Similarly, in the event of postal workers ' strike, we disclaim liability for delay in delivery.


ATENTION : If you don't receive an order confirmation, and turning in your account you do voyer not order that you have placed, contact us on 


ATENTION : In the case of orders not delivered for causes of insufficient or inaccurate address, redirection will be borne by the buyer.


ATENTION : When you register on our website please give correct information (email address) otherwise you will never receive order confirmation or do not tighten inform our 


The postage is only applicable in France. 


The delivery will be made within reported indicative time limits, which cannot, in principle, exceed a period of 5 days after taking into account and validation of the regulation.

Jet Coif Shopping cannot be held responsible for the consequences due to a delay in delivery.

Jet Coif Shopping However, reserves the possibility of splitting the deliveries.

Participation in the costs of processing and shipping will be charged for a single shipment.

In this case, an email will be sent to you.


Our delivery time is, in a general way:

-Colissimo: 48 to 72 hours (working days).

We strive to satisfy you, however it can happen that on certain products, we cannot honor the initial deadlines.


Jet coif Shopping was held in no case responsible for delays incurred during transportation problems. At any time, you can follow your parcel on www.colissimo.fr


Deliveries will be made by Colissimo or Chronopost with your choice or if necessary by a carrier selected by Jetcoif-Shopping.

Upon receipt of the package, it is imperative to check the general condition of the package.

Jetcoif-Shopping reserves the right to refuse the replacement of a product damaged during shipment if the client has not issued adequate reserves, detailed and motivated at the time of delivery to the carrier.


If your product is "in stock" the order will be processed within one day.

All orders placed before 12 pm from Monday to Friday is shipped the same day (excluding holidays). We strive to satisfy you, however it can happen that on certain products, we cannot honor the initial deadlines.

If your product is not available in stock, you are notified by mail of the shipping time.

For orders in large quantities in the measurement of the availability of the products please contact us.


Compliance of products:


Any claim for non-compliance or missing a product, must be transmitted to us in the week following the date of receipt of the order by mail at the address:


Regularization solution will be proposed by our services in the 15 days following receipt of the return package.

A return number will be handed to him.

The product Exchange must be sent at the expense of the customer,

at the same time as a copy of the invoice to the following address:


SARL JET ZID (Jetcoif Shopping)

Space Beau De Rochas

ZI St Christophe

04000 Digne les Bains


No sending in against-refunding will be accepted, regardless of the reason.

No shipment without return authorization number will be accepted, regardless of the reason.

Products open, damaged or soiled by the fact of the Client will be refunded nor exchanged.


In the event of abusive returns, the company reserves the right to refuse any subsequent command.

Once the return made by the client and received by Jetcoif-Shopping, the Exchange or missing shipment of products will be taken charge by Jetcoif-Shopping.


* ATTENTION : only products returned complete, in their original packaging has not been opened, and in a perfect state of resale will be accepted. The products must be packaged for transport.


Right of withdrawal:


The Client has the right to notify the company that he will renounce his purchase without penalty and without giving any reasons within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of the day following the day of delivery.

Shipping and return expenses will be the responsibility of the customer

Only the price of the purchased product will be refunded.

Products must then be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition, unused without marking of any kind that it be accompanied by a copy of the delivery receipt, only the price of the products purchased will be refunded unopened, non-soiled or damaged by the customer to the following address:

SARL JET ZID (Jetcoif Shopping)

Space Beau De Rochas

ZI St Christophe

04000 Digne les Bains



This withdrawal must be made by mail to the address: contact@Jetcoif-shopping.com, or by registered letter with AR at the address



If however the conditions above are respected step Jet Coif Shopping reserves the right not to recover items returned open, incomplete, spoiled, damaged or soiled by the customer.



The refund will be the choice of Jet Coif Shopping by crediting your bank account or by cheque sent on behalf of the customer who placed the order and the billing address.

No sending in against-refunding and cheque will be accepted, regardless of the reason.

Refunds of products in the cases referred to in article 10 will be carried out in a period of less or equal to 15 days after receipt for products returned by our care.

For any information or question, our customer service is at your disposal.


By electronic mail:


Tel: +(33)


By mail at:

SARL JET ZID (Jetcoif Shopping)

Space Beau De Rochas

ZI St Christophe

04000 Digne les Bains