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give your hair the magic of the luxury products, a range of shampoos and treatments for all types of hair, at unbeatable prices
among the least expensive of the net, 30% less than in salon price recorded



  • Thérapiste: Cheveux très abîmés
  • Chronologist: All hair types

    NEW care of exception with ingredients that regenerates the hair fiber and the scalp.

  • Fluidealiste: Hair Indisiplines

    New Discipline Kérastase care provide a full repair of fiber for a tamed hair and an easy brushing. This new range of care comes leverage the benefits of the Discipline Protocol in salon.

  • Ultimate Elixir

    1 care Kérastase sublimation multi-purpose, Oleo-complex with extracts of Moringa immortal. Oil elixir utime Kérastase is for damaged hair

  • Nutrient: Dry and sensitized hair

    Shampoos and care Nutritive Kérastase bring to your hair just nutrition while preserving their lightness. Your dry hair rediscover softness, shine and flexibility, regardless of their level of awareness.

  • Resistance: Hair weakened

    Among the least expensive of the net, 30% less than in salon price recorded

  • Reflection: Hair colored

    Colorful and highlights hair among the cheapest on the net, 30% less than in salon price recorded

  • Cristalliste: Long hair

    1st hair care concentrated in liquid light TM Capable of polishing your hair in any lightness, its formulas to the light liquid TM complex transform the hair in true area light.

  • Specific: Scalp admonishing

    For leather deregulated scalp scalp may be subject to temporary or lasting malfunctions. Kérastase specific responds precisely to these imbalances combining efficiency and pleasure for the application.

  • Densifique: Capillary density

    Capillary density Activator Kerastase hair has averaged 100,000 hair. But it could unveil in infinitely more. For the first time *, reveal new hair, create the capillary mass * * in Kérastase. * Effectiveness of the Stemoxydine tested in daily application for 3 months on 101 subjects vs. placebo.

  • Initialiste: Hair regenerator

    1 serum Kérastase: hair regenerating serum enriched with native plant cells to stimulate the growth of a stronger, shinier hair.

  • FUSIO Dose: Personalized care

    1 care fully custom, capable of solving all the problems related to the beauty of your hair.

  • Styling Couture

    A range of styling Kérastase products couture

  • Man: Capital strength

    Strengthen capital hair male attending daily care to strengthen capital male hair.

  • Solar: Solar custom

    The solar among the less expensive the net, 30% less than in salon price recorded

  • Nutrients: Nutritional supplements

    Supplements food nutrition among the cheapest of the net, 30% less than in salon price recorded

  • Premium Age: Hair Mature

    Hair becomes stronger and stronger. Strengthened from within, as the hair is densified. the prices cheapest on the net, 30% less than fair and volume discounts: Buy 2 - 3%. Purchased 4 - 6%

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